$5 for unlimited backup storage? Wtf?

August 28, 2010 in Interesting Find

I’m sorry if this post sounds like an advertisement, but it is not.

I ran into this backup service yesterday. It’s called Backblaze I was pretty surprised when I saw the price… $5 a month for a complete backup of your computer.. that is: unlimited storage for $5 a month. That’s nothing short of amazing.

I’m always looking for backup solutions, so this sounded good, but maybe a bit too good. But it seems kind of scary to trust your data to $5 backup service. A user called barmstrong on HN pointed me to this blog post by Backblaze on how they build their servers and therefor how they are able to do storage so cheaply.

Petabytes on a budget: How to build cheap cloud storage | Backblaze Blog.

  • http://www.escape.is Arnþór Snær

    I’ve been using backblaze for a few months now. Initial sync of almost 1 TB turned out to be a bit slow (a number of weeks), but the service and the tool (for os x) is solid.

    • http://arnorhs.com/ arnorhs

      Interesting @arnthorsnaer. I guess 1 TB being slow is to be expected. Is it a little bit better now when it’s only doing partial updates? How much transfer is it generally day to day?

  • http://www.rosastef.com Rosastef

    This is not a lie! I am a devout customer and I love them and I’ve said so a bunch of times before. http://twitter.com/rosastef/status/15943157308, http://twitter.com/rosastef/status/12935221665 Almost so much I thought my Twitter friends we’re getting bored of me. It’s a shame Backblaze isn’t paying me percentages :)

    I have backblaze installed on a Mac and a PC and everything is 110% perfect.

    I wish you could see the video that was on the old backblaze website where the woman set her computer on fire. That’s how much I love their service.

    • http://arnorhs.com/ arnorhs

      Wow. If I were backblaze I would be very glad to have you as a customer :) It sure sounds like they’re awesome. I’m sold. I’m going to start using it.

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  • http://www.escape.is Arnþór Snær Sævarsson

    Yes, I expected it to be slow.

    The app has a setting (slider) to control how much of the bandwidth it eats (goes from “faster network” to “faster backups”). When it’s at faster backup the network performance is degraded, but I preferred keeping it like that during initial sync. The client is smart about pauses, if you pause the client it restarts automatically in two hours, which suited me.

    Now that the initial sync is done, according to my logs, its been doing partial updates of 20-50 megs a day on average.

    I had been using Mozy before but the client did a bit of sucking.

    • http://arnorhs.com/ arnorhs

      That’s very helpful, Arnþór. It sounds like exactly how a backup app should work. Thanks :)

  • http://www.escape.is Arnþór Snær

    No prob, good luck.

    FYI on a sidenote, here is my data digitizing story : http://www.escape.is/2009/08/16/stafræna-stokkið/