Responsive Grid Framework written in Stylus for Node.js

December 30, 2011 in Web Development

I’ve been hooked on Node.js for the last 2-3 months. I’ve been doing some small projects for fun in Express, and at first I used the SASS complier that ships with Express by default.

That framework is pretty limited and TJ Holowaychuk pointed me towards Stylus, a much better sass complier for Node.js.

I tweeted something about Stylus a couple of days ago which resulted in a fellow countryman, named Jokull Solberg (, showing me a responsive grid framework he made in Stylus.

So far it’s only a gist on github, but feel free to check it out:

So far it supports four screen sizes, but it’s easy to extend.

  • Jökull Sólberg Auðunsson

    I updated the Gist, at least one bugfix and fixed an issue where the dependency on nib was hidden away. Now it imports the Eric Meyer reset and clearfix files from nib. But as before, easy to adapt to your needs.

  • Derek Damko

    I found this responsive grid that includes a Stylus style sheet. It implements a folding system based on the German DIN paper size ratios.

  • rphcrosby

    I’ve recently put together a Stylus framework that includes a grid that can be found here: