A bad habit: Getting all the domains!

December 31, 2011 in Web Development

I have this horrible habit, where when I have an idea, I usually start by ordering a domain.

And when I’m brainstorming, I might come up with around 30 ideas for domain names of a particular idea, which I narrow down to about 3-5. But horribly, I can’t decide which one is the best (some people tell me it’s because I’m a “libra”), so I end up buying all of them.

Get all the domains

And of course, I never end up executing on more than 10% of the ideas, and those that I execute, I usually don’t follow through with very well.

Which results in me sitting there with a pile of domains that I’ll never use, but will probably also not execute on. And as you could imagine, the names I end up getting are usually not the best ones.

How many do I have?

There are probably a lot of people out there that are much worse than me. But as the end of 2011 approaches, I decided to count them.

I have 49 domains.

Around 90% of them are .com domains. I have a few .co domains and some old .info domains, but mostly .com

If we say that it costs $10 a year on average to renew all these domains, it comes down to around $490 a year. That’s actually not too bad. Sure is a lot less than I’ve spent on car insurance, and so far I haven’t had an accident.

I have sold domains through the years, usually not that good ones and probably for way to little money to account for anything. But it happens.

The urge to collect: Domainbuyinitis

We humans collect stuff and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who have a lot more. I wonder, to anybody who’s reading this, if there’s somebody who’s got a worse case of domainbuyinitis.

If you collect domains, please let me know in the comments.

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  • http://glynology.com/ Glyn Thomas

    I used to have domain grab fever (Domainbuyinitis), but maybe not as bad, I think my maximum was about 26 domains, at some point I had a re-think (I now own less than 15) , and came up with these rules, do not buy domain if;

    - I could not own the .com or at the very least the .net
    - I could not remember the domain name after 3 days
    - Someone else owned the same domain that was similar but better (with or without an “s” at the end)
    - The .com is already a hosted site

    For domain sitters, just own the .com and .net and .org if you feel like it, if you have the better domain name don’t bother buying the “s” at the end (or not at the end) and anyway if you become really successful this maybe the last thing you will be thinking of.