On Google Drive’s lowered pricing

March 13, 2014 in Design

Recently Google announced a price drop for their Google Drive offering. If you compare their new price to Dropbox, it’s a pretty decent offering.

For the same price as Dropbox users pay for 100 GBs, Google Drive users will get 1 TB of storage. That has got to be considered pretty good.

Now, too bad it’s really confusing what it means to have a Google Drive.

These are rhetoric, since I do (kind of, maybe) know the answer to these questions, but feel free to explain them to my grandmother:

  1. Will your drive contents show up in gmail? in google? will it be posted to google plus?
  2. Is it only in the cloud or mirrored like dropbox? how does syncing take place exactly?
  3. What is the relationship between google drive (file storage) and google drive (online word processing tools)
  4. What happens to your google drive if you break some google rule and your gmail account gets shut down?
  5. Signing up from google.com/settings/storage doesn’t feel like a natural place, and I would imagine it makes it a bit confusing to normal users.

Personally, I’m still far from utilizing all of my 100GBs of Dropbox space, so I wouldn’t need the $10 account, but possibly switching to $2/mo is a more interesting proposition.

Price tends to trump everything else when it comes to product comparisons (up to a point) so i could imagine all of these mattering less than the price when evaluating against Dropbox. However, these issues would have to be a lot clearer if they wanted to get more people to use Google Drive.

Google Drive has the feel of having the same product (& branding & identity) problems, as most google products.

It will be exciting to see where this goes, but for now, I’ll stick with my Dropbox account.