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New Vodafone in Iceland website launched

The Vodafone website in Iceland has just undergone a redesign. It was designed by the amazing web agency Kosmos & Kaos, which is also based in Iceland.

I’m very grateful to have been able to partake in the project. I helped with the CSS, initial HTML and most of the Javascript interactions on the website, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty proud of the work. That includes some nice CSS3 effects, a custom parallax slider, the modern dropdown menu etc.

Quick update: I’m coming to Silicon Valley, launched websites, more

I’ve been terribly busy in the last months. I’ll probably write a better summary of the work I’ve been doing later, but here’s a quick update about what’s been happening lately.

I’m coming to San Francisco for about 10 days tomorrow. I’m going with a group of people from Klak and I’m very excited about it. We’re seeing a few big tech startups, design companies and more. I’ve never been to the USA and I’ve always wanted to visit the tech hub of the world.

ShortPHP blog moved to

I’ve moved the ShortPHP blog to my personal blog. Due to the possibility of it becoming more active here.

I’ve recently set up ShortPHP at so you can fork the project or create contributions of your own and submit them.

Stats on Spam

Now I’ve been collecting spam for a little over a year on The purpose of which I do not know, yet. I kind of forgot about the project until just recently, so I started harvesting some stats from the database.

Currently we have 729,255 records in the database. That’s 3 MB of data.

Great news people.. I had almost given up on getting any spam….

Great news people.. I had almost given up on getting any spam. Thought that the spammers would be afraid of anything that talks too much about spam on it’s page, but it seems that they’ve finally found the site and are posting to it. I just hope the post count will increase, but this is […]

Probably a mistake

I think my previous excitement was unfounded … probably was just some guy playing around, not a real bot… But I’m patient.

“holy jizz batman fhawvfgvohWweg Submitted 26. January, 2009 @ 11:03:52″

“holy jizz batman fhawvfgvohWweg Submitted 26. January, 2009 @ 11:03:52” –

First post

Great news people.. We have the first set of spam in the house… Now we’re finally in “business”

Basic functionality

Ok. Now we have the basic functionality of posting and reading from forms ready. I tried to keep the form very simple so any spambot should be able to submit into it. So far there are no entries, which is not surprising, really. It will take some time for the bots to crawl my website […]

Tumblr blog up

I’m setting up the Tumblr blog. Will be using that for all blog posts and information about the website’s progress.