New Vodafone in Iceland website launched

The Vodafone website in Iceland has just undergone a redesign. It was designed by the amazing web agency Kosmos & Kaos, which is also based in Iceland.

I’m very grateful to have been able to partake in the project. I helped with the CSS, initial HTML and most of the Javascript interactions on the website on behalf of K&K, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty proud of the work. That includes some nice CSS3 effects, a custom parallax slider, the modern dropdown menu etc.

Vodafone Iceland front page

You have to congratulate Vodafone in Iceland for being willing to embrace new web standards and doing something this forward looking.

Snerpa also did their part. They set up the website in a CMS and probably reworked some of my initial HTML and CSS. It’s probably no easy task for such a big, content rich website.

Vodafone Iceland front page

Vodafone in Iceland: Check out the website
Also check out: Kosmos & Kaos, web agency

  • Haukur

    Nice work like always my friend :)

  • Pauline McCarthy

    Hi Arnþór,

    Nice job with the Vodfone web site. I am on there a lot and notice the great changes.

    Arnþór, I came across you on the net while looking for wordpress experts in Iceland. I live in Akranes and am starting a global art and photography project to help unite the world in peace, encourage environmental awareness and highlight Iceland in a postive way on the world stage.

    I am an artist and not so technically inclined so paid a woman on the internet to upgrade my design and program the site. She did the first page sample in wordpress headway and then asked for the payment up front and silly niave me, she ran off with the money and did not complete the site. That was a couple of months ago and since then I have been trying to work on it myself with a bit of help from friends but none of them knew much about wordpress.

    Yesterday a friend told me about Buddypress which I think will help solve a lot of my problems. I need a page for each member to show off their 12 photo’s, one for each month of the year 2012.

    I wonder if I could meet up with you to discuss this project. I certainly would be willing to pay you for any time and help you could give me.

    LoVe Pauline
    S: 824-2640