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Interesting links to plugins, apps, websites, or whatever else I might find interesting

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Having problems with motivation and getting things done? These links might help

These two links are pretty good for helpful motivational tips, tricks and hacks. Read on.

Interesting – range inputs and putting a bubble on top

This blog post was published on the css-tricks blog today:

It explains how you can create a bubble on top of a range-slider html5 form element, which shows the value of the slider.

On OOP when you’re learning programming

I agree with everything about this:

The shift from procedural to OO brings with it a shift from thinking about problems and solutions to thinking about architecture. Thats easy to see just by comparing a procedural Python program with an object-oriented one. The latter is almost always longer, full of extra interface and indentation and annotations. The temptation is to start moving trivial bits of code into classes and adding all these little methods and anticipating methods that arent needed yet but might be someday.

via prog21: Dont Distract New Programmers with OOP.

There’s also a great discussion on the topic on Hacker News:

Interesting find: Sevilla 111 Gigapixels

I don’t exactly know which technology was used to create this, but here is a 111 gigapixel zoomable image of the town of Sevilla in Italy.

It really is remarkable and as it stands this image holds the world record for the highest resolution picture ever created.

Interesting find: A lot of random links

Here’s a bunch of random interesting links I’ve found lately. I grabbed this from my twitter stream, so some of those links are shortened. I’m *way* too lazy to unshorten them. Edit: No wait, I’m not too lazy, I de-shortened them all.

Interesting find: Google Body Browser

This is a really interesting non-profit project from Google Labs.

It uses a technology called WebGL, which is open non-proprietary standard for displaying 3d graphics. It displays the graphics through HTML5′s canvas element and it’s only supported in beta versions of most of the browsers. That means you’ll need the beta version of Firefox or Google Chrome beta.

$5 for unlimited backup storage? Wtf?

I’m sorry if this post sounds like an advertisement, but it is not. I ran into this backup service yesterday. It’s called Backblaze I was pretty surprised when I saw the price… $5 a month for a complete backup of your computer.. that is: unlimited storage for $5 a month. That’s nothing short of amazing. […]