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My new Kindle Fire

Recently I won a Kindle Fire in a Hacker Buddy give away, sponsored by Tokbox. (Hacker Buddy is a site that connects hackers to other hackers with the goal of helping each other out, you should check it out)

I wanted to write up a summary of my experience using the device.

I’m not going to bore anybody with specs, information or detail. Enough information can be found online, eg. on the Amazon Kindle store.

I have arrived in Palo Alto

Good news. I have finally arrived in Palo Alto.

I just got to my hotel and I’m getting my apartment later this week (hopefully), so you could say that I’ve officially moved.

Palo Alto

Picture from Palo Alto, Stanford University Palm Drive

On a professional level, the last year and a half has been pretty interesting. I’ve been managing my own projects, doing freelancing work, did some traveling, even some classes at a university, tried to work on a lot of side projects, etc. I can’t say I did everything I wanted to, but it’s still been pretty great.

However, times are going to get even more interesting in the coming months…

Bit the bullet, redid the layout

I bit the bullet and added the sidebar on this blog’s theme. I wanted to keep the blog design really simple and clean with no side column, but I think it’s easier to browse the articles etc when you have the categories, etc.