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Palo Alto

Picture from Palo Alto, Stanford University Palm Drive

On a professional level, the last year and a half has been pretty interesting. I’ve been managing my own projects, doing freelancing work, did some traveling, even some classes at a university, tried to work on a lot of side projects, etc. I can’t say I did everything I wanted to, but it’s still been pretty great.

However, times are going to get even more interesting in the coming months…

My trip to San Francisco, Silicon Valley, California, USA

Last month I went on a trip to the USA with a group of entrepreneurs from Iceland. We are/were all classmates and teachers in Klak – a kind of school for entrepreneurs – and the purpose of the trip was to visit a bunch of companies and schools out in Silicon Valley, the home of the tech industry.

So how was it? well…

Flexibility, speed to market, performance – pick two

I’m busy getting stuff done here in sunny California. I’m sorry that this post is written in haste – I just wanted to make one clear point to everybody interested:

If you are doing any kind of development – if you are the developer, the company or whoever, there is a general rule that applies:

Nordic Innovation issue #2 is out

Nordic Innovation, issue number two is out. This one is devoted to music and sound.

There’s an article I wrote on 8 music-related startups in there which you should check out :)

I changed my opinion after seeing this Interview with Color’s CEO, Bill Nguyen

I think it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of This Week in Startups. In this latest episode (no 128) Jason Calacanis interviews Color’s founder, Bill Nguyen.

Color has obviously had a lot of attention because of it’s enormous pre-launch raise and the low quality of it’s initial application. The interview addresses and gives you a little glimpse into the way Bill sees things.

Patrick McKenzie gives a talk about marketing to under served markets

Patrick McKenzie is one of the most well known users on the Hacker News website. He runs the blog Micro ISV on a shoestring (which is a name that makes almost no sense to me, but is still really good).

I didn’t really know Patrick had started giving talks, he posted this video of a talk he gave at the Business of Software conference probably in the fall of 2010.

Color, the new amazing mobile app that crashes your phone within minutes

(sorry about the hater-post) What is wrong with this picture? Seriously. The next Google? Sequoia has just funded a startup that is creating a mobile app, called Color, that lets you share photos with people who are in close proximity of you. They have so much faith in this product, that they’ve pumped 41 million […]

Bloomberg interview with Paul Graham on “the bubble”, startup valuations etc.

I was watching this Bloomberg interview with Y Combinator’s Paul Graham (“startup god”), today.

He discusses the supposed “bubble” that’s been going on, valuations of early stage startups, Facebooks valuations and other similar topics. It’s an interesting video also for the fact that he’s being interviewed with non-startup people and it’s fun to see things from the other side.

Online Magazine Launched: Nordic Innovation

I’ve been working together with the great people at the startup hub Klak (See to launch a new magazine called Nordic Innovation.

It’s an online magazine focused on startups, innovation and design in the Nordic countries. The first issue has some amazing interviews with out-of-the-box people. I encourage you to give it a read.

Why a Qwiki will probably be a success

We are losing our attention span. ADHD-like symptoms seem to sweeping the world.

  • We want our food fast
  • We want all service to be fast
  • We want our websites to load fast.
  • We need to do something with every minute in our day.
  • We do not like to wait for anything more than a few seconds.
  • We don’t read anything longer than a sentance
  • We leave when there’s a line anywhere

This is most apparent on the interwebs.¬†While a few years ago, you could expect people on the internet to actually go ahead and read an entire article that interested them, now a days you can hardly expect them to read more than the headline. Then they’re gone.

The Problem with Plans and Ideas

I’ve recently been confronted with a problem. I don’t have any time. Between my recent and unexpected enrollment into a university level business accelerator , pushing hard to get High Score off the ground and doing various projects on the side to keep me from starving I don’t really have any extra time.

I don’t particularly remember having a lot of free time on my hands in the past (except the time when I went travelling with girlfriend to India) but now things are serious. I have to think really carefully about if I should take on a project with other people.

Somebody needs to invent this storage device

Storage. It’s an even lasting problem which a lot of companies out there are trying to solve. There are so many requirements and so many limitations. There are a few solutions out there which are pretty good but they are all tackling a separate problem.

Somebody needs to invent a computer/storage device with the following features…

Jason Nation – e-mail newsletters still have value

I thought e-mail newsletters were, in essence, dead. I thought no *real* value could be derived from them any more.

I subscribe to a few e-mail newsletters. Mostly of blogs and companies/services that I use. Some of them are annoying, some of them are sometimes useful, but I don’t really remember learning anything useful from an e-mail newsletter.

Untill today.

Ad Retargeting – An Advertisment’s Evil Brother

A topic that seems to be very hot these days is ad retargeting. Now, I’m not really a big privacy advocate and I don’t concern myself with those kinds of issues, but *if* I were I would probably be concerned with this topic!

If there ever was a reason to use an ad-blocker…

3 things I wish somebody would create

I wish somebody would make any of the following applications or web standards. (a few of these ideas evolve from the reports lately about Facebook’s privacy issues and my general discontent with Facebook)

Click to see the list.